I know, you may be thinking St. John’s, Newfoundland not really a fashion capital. But like in the local music scene, there are some serious players with some serious talent. Megan Sooley started her line Sooley Designs a few years ago after a stint in Montreal fashion and has since been developing her talents and has made a successful line with a dedicated following. Her style is very much her own and personifies celebrity luxury and a sexy wild and free vibe. Female curves are celebrated and accentuated. She had her spring/summer fashion show recently, even the décor was bang on! See her Facebook page linked above to see some video footage of the event. (And to like her page too of course). You can visit her and her team and see them making fashions at her studio at 72 Harbour Drive in St. John’s. She also does custom work as well to make your fashion dreams come true. You can choose from many prints and styles. 

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Boutique lustre Montréal
Awesome pretty things for Spring from  Montreal’s boutique Lustre! Go check her out…. 

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Kama Ayurveda beauty products: India 

I fell in love with these products in India; Kama Ayurveda. First with their face and body sprays; the rose is good for antioxidants, the sandalwood for fine lines and the lavender for relaxation and then everything else! Their products are therapeutic and natural using aromatherapy and ayurvedic healing principles. They won best brand in India in 2016.

Here is there advice for a cleaner and greener holiday season: 

With the festive season in full swing, thinking about the quality of air we breathe while we celebrate can raise a red flag.At Kama Ayurveda, while we are strong advocates of the party mood, we are also interested in finding a balance and reducing the consequences. Here are some small steps we are personally taking: 

1. Purifying the air in your home with these easy-to-grow plants

 2. Carpooling! The next time you accept a party invite, ask the host who else in your area may be invited. Make plans to go together.

 3. As you get into your best festival garb and prepare to look your best, make conscious choices about the products you buy.

 4.Light up your home with smoke free candles and diyas. 

 5. Say NO to firecrackers. Think about all the animals that suffer immensely for a few minutes of our enjoyment. 

 6. Recycle all your party material the morning after

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Ritche Perez: Newfoundland Photographer 

Ritche Perez is a photographer in St.John’s, Newfoundland. Cool shots, Newfoundland scenes with a twist, local show coverage, mosh pits in action, gorgeous nature shots, and playfully creative experimentation with photography. Ritche is one to follow to see what is happening in Newfoundland arts and music and to see his recent shots of the Newfoundland mummers parade and more. He has a trip coming up in the Philippines so be sure to follow. @ritchephotog 

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Local Love In India: The Jehan Numa Retreat

I am in India now looking at local and loving it! Recently I stayed at The Jehan Numa Retreat, it is a rare and exclusive getaway – located just within the boundaries of the city of Bhopal, and almost an extension of the Van Vihar National Park. The focus is on the natural and the organic, a harmonious re-connection of the body, mind and soul with the luxurious gifts of nature. A lot of the produce grown on their farm is used in the food in their restaurant    their focus being local. They also use local India beauty line Kama, and sell local paper products and cards made of elephant dung, more local beauy products, and foods like honey, and fresh produce their farms. It is a quiet jungle paradise with a calming spa and just a walk away from an animal reserve with caring and attentive staff.

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