La Chatte Bottee

Here is an interview with Carole and Vee from La Chatte Bottee !

What inspires you?
Great styles of the past. Grace Kelly pointy princess pumps, Molly Ringwald lace up booties or shoes, zip up boots from the 70s, Dolly Parton cowboy boots. This winter we’re into fur trimmed granny boots. We love heels but we also know that girls need to walk around in the city. So, we have a lot of 1 or 2″ heels. Very important.

How did you get started?

One drunken night we were sitting around Vee’s apartment and started looking at all the beautiful shoes on ebay and thought, we want all these shoes! But, reality is that they don’t necessarily fit us. So we thought, why don’t we buy them anyways and sell them to our friends…. and it went from there. We knew we couldn’t afford a space so we came up with the tupperwear party concept. We’re in, we’re out. What’s fun is that without even intending, we’ve forged great alliances with the owners of our favorite shops in Montreal and Ottawa. Who knew? It all kind of happened naturally.

What is your current vice or trend or obsession ? Montreal designers: Lustre, Valerie Dumaine, Anastasia Lomonova, Preloved, Norwegian Wood, etc…We have so much talent here. Oh and vices forget it…. Sushi pizza, Tampopo noodles, Casa lattes, Cider, evenings on the WI…

What advice would you give to someone else trying to make their ideas a reality?
Here come the cliches. But they are all true. Do it like you really believe it’s going to happen. Fake it till you make it. If you build it they will come. Don’t let anyone tell you it can’t be done. And so what if it doesn’t work? At least you did it. If you do nothing, nothing will happen. Wouldn’t that be a boring life. Stop talking about it. Just do it!


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