VINTAGE SHOPPING GUIDE: Montreal, Toronto and On-line

photo by Jaime Borja

Here’s a some places you may want to check out next time you are vintage hunting!

Toronto Vintage Shopping

Toronto has the largest concentration of Rag houses, giant warehouses with bales of abandonned clothing and by default the largest concentration of well stocked vintage shopping boutiques, it’s a cess pool of vintage and you can bet if you hit it up for a vintage spree you will definately get your fix and be revelling in the after math of that high for a long time after….
If you are reading this and know of any more shops, please tell me about them, I need to know !

Vintage Mix 1
186 Ossington Avenue

Badlands Vintage
104 Ossington

Foxy Boutique
251 Gerrard Street East

Thrill of the Find
1172 Queen Street East

Courage my Love
14 Kensington Avenue

In Kensington Market
273 Augusta Avenue

672 Queen Street West

69 Vintage
1100 Queen street West

Public Butter
1290 Queen Street West

Maple Cottage, 62 Laing Street

Stella Luna
1627 Queen Street West

Montreal Vintage Shopping

E.R.A. Vinatge Wear
1800 Notre-Dame West

Boutique Retro Mania
820 Mount Royal Est

Friperie Swing
151 Avenue des Pins East

Friperie St.Laurent
3976 Boulevard St.Laurent

Eva B
2013 Bouleavrd St.Laurent

3678 Rue St. Denis

La Gaillarde
In st-Henri
4019 Rue Notredame West

Arterie Boutique & Friperie
176 Rue Bernard West

Encore Boutique
2145 Crescent Street

On-Line Vintage Shopping

They have new clothing and a section for vinatge clothing

There’s always ebay if you don’t mind hunting online forever and ever and bidding
Amazing amazing, lots of people selling vintage on there.
This is my favorite option, some sites tend to be very expensive,
In here you can browse more easily and hunt for deals.
Here are some of my favorites:
Cheesecake Vintage
The Vintage Closet

Chelsea Girl and Laurel Canyon Vintage
The site in currently under construction but hopefully it’ll be back up soon.

Vintage Vixen
I had thought of this name a few years ago and never used it, hooray for the global consciousness, we are all reading each others minds, This site is great because it has everything !
Rusty Zipper
Your staples of vintage clothing, including items for men

Fashion Dig
You can shop by decade

Woo Vintage

Viva La Vintage
There’s a whole section dedicated to leopard print!

Mystique Vintage Clothing
From the 40s to the 1970s, there are all kinds of dresses!

Happy Hunting!!!


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2 Responses to VINTAGE SHOPPING GUIDE: Montreal, Toronto and On-line

  1. Lola B says:

    Silver Falls on Ossington St Toronto

  2. Alessandra says:

    Great list of vintage boutiques! I also love Mama Loves You vintage on Queen West. Do you know any good rag houses in Toronto though?

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