Playing Dress Up: A photoshoot and Make Over

Here’s the story of our photo/make over shoot.
Tessa asked me one day for a hair cut, saying she wanted to go short from long. Liz and I had just done an updo/makeup photoshoot together for porfolio pictures, I thought Liz could get more make up shots, I could have more hair shots, Tessa could get to see a few different cuts on the way from long to short, and Marilis could take photos and what better way to spend a day then with a PHOTO SHOOT PARTY!
I love photoshoots and makeovers, it’s like playing dress up when you are a kid only way better, because now I am an actual hairstylist and I won’t get in trouble for cutting off my sisters bangs with a pair of plastic scissors. We broke some glasses, Marilis had a few hang over naps on the couch in between takes, ordered some general tao, live streamed the whole affair on the internet for a few viewers, broke my glass table my boyfriend warned me would be broken in no time when I brought it home from a thrift store. We made a made pile of clothing on the floor for outfit ideas, that Mazzy, my cat had some naps in. We got to the second last cut and then did a round two for the last cut a week or so later.
Some inspirations that arose were Edie Sedgwick, Twiggy, Complex Geometries, Lady Gaga, Agyness Dynn, Alice in Wonderland….
It was a fun time!
To get to know some more about the girls, check out my Who is Liz and Who is Tessa blogs and an earlier blog interview with Marilis from a few months back.
You can see a time lapse video of the affair on youtube as well.
You can also see Tessa’s recap on the whole affair on Worn Fashion Journal’s blog
If you are interested in being our next extreme make over/photshoot victim send me a messsage!



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