The S.W.A.P. Team Presents Take Off Your Clothes

The S.W.A.P. Team is bringing you ” Take Off Your Clothes “, North America’s Biggest Clothing SWAP!!!!
Clothing Swap parties have been popping up in living rooms and closets all over for some time now, getting together and trading clothing you no longer want for some new treasure to flaunt.
And NOW the biggest clothing swap is coming up thanks to founder Aleece Gernamo and vice prez Nicole Picard.
You can bring your clothing in to swap. You will get a ticket per item you bring in and can go search through and find a new piece to replace it.
You can also be apart of the express check-in by donating in advance, the SWAP team will come pick up your donations ahead of time.
You can get more information and details on the SWAP team website.
The BIG Days!
September 5, 6, 7
At Piknic Electronik in Montreal
2pm- 8pm
and also
September 12 and 13th
At the Raging Spoon Toronto
In adddition to great finds donated from other people’s fabulous wardrobes there will be donations of new clothing from designers which makes the hunt that much more exciting!
With local Montreal designer friends like Anastasia Lomonova, Jennifer Glasgow, Mir Handbags, Preloved, Olga Tigirlas, Valerie Dumaine, You can only imagine the happy hunting that will be taking place!!


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I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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