Is that your purse???

Purses that don't really look like purses
Purses that don’t really look like purses by Tiffany Elton featuring Leiber bags
Who says your purse has to look like a purse?
I am big on Judith Leiber who did this Crystal-embellished jaguar clutch ( the last purse)and the cupcake, the owl, the rose and the flowery cupcake looking purse, all available from or
The Red heart bag and the key board bag are by Anthony David available from
The black lips are by Lulu Guiness and available at
The green purse is from topshop


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2 Responses to Is that your purse???

  1. thecreativemixx says:

    My fave is the metallic green heart purse….Love it!

  2. Allison says:

    Charlotte's little girl (Sex and the City) carried the cupcake judith leiber on Carrie's wedding day – 'member? Love the keyboard bag.

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