Eco-Fashion Options!

In this day and age, knowing how our carbon imprint can affect our futures and the future of the earth, we all need to adopt Eco-conscious and responsible practices to preserve and protect our home and our quality of life. Our damage to the planet is often not reversible.
There is a global change happening, a global consciousness….
More and more people are using their privilege of luxury and our array of choices more responsibly and more ethically.
We are all re-accessing our consumer tendencies and using our consumer power to purchase local fair trade products, reading the backs of labels and making sure our morning cereal is healthy, with organic ingredients and contains all our necessary daily nutrients.
We are also reading the tags on the clothing we purchase to make sure our clothing is locally made, supporting local industry and fair business practices and are made in an Eco-conscious manner.
I manage the Montreal location of preloved. It is a Canadian designer line that creates one-of-a-kind clothing from reclaimed vintage garments.
I have realized through preloved, we do not have to sacrifice remarkable fashion sense to save the environment and to be ecologically responsible.
You can save the environment through fashion!
Small changes in your practices can help make a huge difference:
1) Reduce or stop buying brand new chain store clothing
What I call disposal clothing; clothing that is mass produced, falls apart in a short while and ends up in a land fill. You end up buying more which piles up in land fills also.
These types of clothing tend to also be made overseas, where sometimes wages and working conditions are less ethical.
2) Buy local
I prefer to buy locally, supporting my local economy, supporting the people I see around. Yes, it costs more money but I will buy one item that will last longer, supporting an ethical and Eco-conscious principle, empowering my concept of a perfect world, creating less waste and keeping someone in my neighborhood in business. Plus you get more personal customer service…
3) Buying Vintage and buying second hand
Anything made before the invention of “mass production and chain stores” is usually better quality.
They would have been hand made with more attention to detail when companies made things to last. They will be more unique and you can have it tailored by a seamstress to suit your needs. Donating your oldies to second hand stores supports this cycle.
4) Purchase clothing from designers that make eco practices a priority
preloved has been rescuing clothing from ending up in landfills for over 14 years. They have saved over 80, 00 wool sweaters, 50,000 wool trousers, 10,000 dress shirts and over 7, 000 trench coats so far… Their clothing is everything I am proud to support, locally made, eco-conscious, recycled vintage and unique designer fashionable clothing! There are now more companies opening with their own swing on things; recycling fabrics. As a clothing store we partake in community events that promote eco-fashion initiatives, such as eco-fashion shows. Coming soon a clothing drive…keep posted by joining our mailing list. You can send an email to join to
5) Have your oldies, revamped
Have a long dress turned into a mini, have some old flared jeans turned into skinnies, bring your boots to a cobbler and have them dyed, use your neighborhood cobblers and seamstresses to maintain or change what you already have into something new.
If you have a creative flair take a sewing class and revamp your oldies yourself!
My grandmother made all her own clothing from the age of 10 often using her sisters older dresses and still makes her own clothes! Teach your children to sew and the ethics and skills to be eco-conscious and self sustainable. Sewing, even gardening and growing their own produce, they are great skills to have and teach them to appreciate and take pride in these things and fun to do together!
6) Swap with your friends:
This is a concept women have been doing with their friends and sisters for some time now, upscale New York socialites are doing it too, swapping Prada for Dolce and Gabbana. This is a great way to reuse and re enthuse yourself and pep up your wardrobe. Something from someone else’s closet could be your new found treasure and vice-versa.
preloved recently teamed up with the S.W.A.P. team, donating some clothing for one of their giant clothing swaps. The S.W.A.P. Team organizes North America’s largest clothing swap, people donate their old wares and get a tickets to replace them with a new treasures. All the remaining clothing after the event is donated to the Salvation Army to be re-distributed. They cater to Toronto and Montreal but are expanding into other areas and looking for volunteers to bring one to your town!

I love fashion, designer clothing makes me feel good, the thrill of finding that one perfect luxury piece, the social and community participation that can come from being responsible and using my purchasing power to make a change, makes me feel even better!!


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