Recession hair…

We all know hair maintenance can be expensive so here are some ideas to get you through and save on hair costs:
– Go natural! Learn the natural tendencies of your hair and work out a styling regime with your stylist that enhances it.
– Learn from the old days, women traditionally gave their hair a good shampoo once a week then set it in rollers and styled it, they wore night caps to maintain the hair do all week long. Hair wasn’t meant to be washed often, it strips it of it’s natural oils and can damage your hair, train it to work for you.
– Do an all over color instead of foils, one in the same level of color as your natural hair but just increases it’s tone would be easier to let go passed the re-coloring point.
– Add a bit of hair color pigment to your shampoo to keep your red vibrant, your black dark or some violet to keep your platinum blond from turning yellow.
– Keep long layers, a cut that is easy to maintain that won’t bring you back to the stylist for maintenance trims…. long 70s bangs are in anyways!
( but do keep up with your 8 week trims to preserve the integrity of your hair)
– Leave some re-growth! Whatever, Courtney Love rocked it, roots are in.
– Have highlights added under your natural hair color, that jut out from underneath, that way you won’t notice the re-growth so much.
– Add some foils in your natural hair color, and one more in between the color of your natural and the colored hair, to break up your re-growth if you already have colored hair that is getting pricey to maintain, that way the re-growth will blend in. 
– As always use professional products on your hair, that coincide with the natural pH level of your hair to preserve it’s health and it’s integrity, you use much less of these concentrated products and you get more bang for your buck. We all like that.


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