Every now and then I have a rant….

We are at an exciting time in fashion. The current trends are majorly influenced by vintage shapes and silhouettes. And the reason it is so great, because now we have a perfect opportunity for everybody to embrace saving the world through fashion. Step one: Become a vintage fiend.
Old clothing is taking up a huge part of our landfills and does not easily biodegrade.
Let’s not let it end up there AT ALL! Let’s vintage shop, let’s support business who re purpose and make new clothing out of vintage clothing, like Canada’s own preloved or Supyana or cul de sac or Deborah Adams.  Thanks to these folks and vintage fiends and the SWAP team major rescues are taking place.
Let’s curb unnecessary production of excess clothing by being buyer savvy and supporting companies with greener themes. The effects on the environment to produce mass quantities of clothing which may or may not be bought to fill stores is taking its toll on the planet. 
Many shops now are doing pre-orders where clothing is only produced when ordered. Like me with Lady like or modcloth, or Fabricly. By supporting more independent fashion that is also made as ordered or made in smaller numbers, you benefit from less of a carbon imprint and gain a special more personal connection to the designers. Dot coms like etsy, sense of fashion and Us trendy are market places for some such designers and great places to discover new favorites. A lot of talented, amazing designers are hidden in the seas of these websites, you’ll be thankful you surfed when you find a real gem.
Consumers are being beckoned to be more apart of the fashion process, so everyone can make more responsible, less wasteful and more tasteful decisions when it comes to their wardrobes.  
The best part about vintage clothing right now, is you can be with the current designer trends but pay a fraction of the price, save the world and still get something quality and unique.
A lot of the fabrics and construction were made before the mass production era and are made with quality and durability in mind, not just style. You will find unique beautiful fabrics that may never exist again. Loving textiles like I do, I can get pretty emotional over a fabric like people who can’t not adopt only one puppy and end up with a whole pack. 
More to love about vintage, You will get more bang for your buck and more style for your look!
Here are some things I found, good for work or play and totally in today. I just picked me up a vintage leather pencil skirt for 4.50 at Value villages 50% off day, best score of the week! 
Mine is similar to that in the photo below, love it. These are cruises from Etsy.

                                                                        Crochet cami

                                                               Leather pencil skirt

                                                           Velvet sweet heart mini dress

                                                                 Green houndstooth pencil skirt

                                                                     90s floral mini dress

                                                               Polka dot pencil skirt

                                                                         Houndstooth pencil skirt

                                                            Red 50s dress


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