New to Quartier Mode…

We are proud to now be selling Burlesque the True Art of Seduction by Michel Grodin with Montreal’s International showgirl Scarlett James. Scarlett James is the lady who presents  The Grande Burlesque Show  in Montreal (with another show coming up in March) and The Burlesque Festival .

At the beginning of the 21st century, the unique art form of burlesque is enjoying a strong resurgence in popularity worldwide. Audiences are eager for all the humor, glamour and generous curves that burlesque artists have to offer. Through their colorful performances, the playful art of seduction is more tempting than ever. Exclusive venues in the U.S. and Canada now rustle to the sound of silk, …feathers and chic undergarments. Burlesque leaves no one indifferent, not even serious Europeans as this new alluring trend from Hollywood has swept London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and Helsinki. Conquered by the art of seduction, the world is slowly letting itself be tantalized by the controversial art of the “strip-tease”.

Throughout Burlesque: The True Art of Seduction, author Michel Grondin paints a vibrant and extensive portrait of this up and coming art, helping the reader to better understand its roots and stunning vitality. Burlesque pays tribute to all the distinguished female performers of the past, while celebrating its newest and most-skilled practitioners. Through in-depth and impassioned research, the author recounts a captivating slice of history in the process.

In his rich exploration of the subject, Michel Grondin is supported by his co-author Scarlett James, the French Canadian muse of burlesque. Scarlett, sporting a physique reminding us of a 1950s pin-up artist, delivers exclusive insight into the wondrous global art of seduction. Enjoy a voyage filled with color, sensuality and elegance. Allow your senses to be titillated as you delve into this delightful fantasy experience . . .


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