An interview in Kollett’s studio…

  with Kristen of Kollett

1) How did you come up with your name?

I always fantasized that one day I would be a designer of sorts, and I always new I would use my last name Collett, for sentimental reasons and because I like how it sounds. I just wasn’t sure how I would use it. When I finally started my jewelry business I played around with different variations of combining my first and last name, and kollett was the end result.

2) Why did you start your company?

I have always had an uncontrollable urge to create, and in turn to share my creations. Designing is my number one passion in life, I am striving towards being able to design jewelry full time.

3) How does living in Montreal inspire you?

Montreal is a very artistic driven city, the arts are praised and valued here. I witness this daily just from walking around and exploring the city, there is amazing street art, and a keen interest in unique design and architecture. At the moment I am living in a converted factory surrounded by many other artists. This is the most fantastic inspiration of all, because you get to see what other people are creating and it is very exciting to be a part of that.

4)What are your 3 fav places to hang out in the city?

My favorite place at the moment is St Henri. All of my friends live here, and we love exploring our neighborhood. However I will admit that I have lived in Montreal for a short time, and I have a ton more exploring to do. Another one of my favorite places to hang out is by the canal, especially in the summer. My third choice would have to be Blue sunshine, which is an underground cinema that is sadly coming to an end.

5) How do you get in a creative mood?

I surround myself with inspirational images until something sparks.

6) What was your first obsession?

Music. I started collecting cassette tapes when I was really young, and I was fascinated with my parents records, they had everything from Led zeppelin to Richard Simmons.

7) Do you have a creative muse?

My creative muse is Pamela love. She is my favorite jewelry designer, and her personal style is incredible! She designs for the alternative girl, the girl who likes to be feminine and masculine all at the same time. Her unique pieces are avant- garde and architectural. She isnt afraid to go big, and I really admire that.


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