Interviews with our neighbors…

Hi Joey! What’s new for Spring at B-FIT Studio?
With all the amazing weather we have had there seems to be a feverish need to get into swimwear shape.  So, I am doing a lot of personal training right now.  I also started doing a lot more self defense teaching over the winter and am looking forward to expanding my classes over the next few months.  My older students are quickly mastering the basics and so my beginners lessons are turning into intermediate lessons.  The basics are still very rewarding for me to teach but, the more complex movements and conditioning aspects make these classes both very practical in its self defense use and great as a workout.  I’m also gearing up for some outdoor athletics groups, some people call them bootcamps, but I hate that term and a lot of bootcamps are not safe for a lot of people, you can do effective group classes without injuring people.
What is/are your favorite exercise  moves?
It all depends on what I am training for or who I am training.  One of my favorite body weight movements that I like giving my clients is a “get up”.  Not because it is necessarily a nice looking, fluid movement but simply because everybody should be able to do without too much effort.  I doubt any of my clients would pick that one as their favorite though, it is surprisingly hard for some people, especially when you do a lot of them, or start adding small jumps….for fun.  For myself, I really like a ‘weighted pull up’ or the ‘clean and press’.  Those are 2 great exercises to help increase strength.  I love biking too, in the summer I get a lot of my cardio from biking.
What is your current obsession ?
Avocados.  I have spent the last 6 months doing a Vegan Fitness Project.  I wanted to document my transition from omnivore to vegan, while training at about a 2-2.5 hour/day schedule.  If successful, I wanted to add to the growing amount of literature dispelling a lot of misconceptions of what a vegan looks like, how healthy they are and what kind of athletic capacity is available to them on that diet.  Anyways, I ended up eating a lot more avocados to increase my fat intake and, not only do I love the flavor, but I can actually feel my body crave them.  I’m an avocaddict.
What music are you listening to now?
I want to say something cooler than this, but….the radio.  I downloaded an internet radio app for my phone and I spend a lot of time listening to stations in Australia, Sweden, England or wherever just to hear bands that I would probably not hear of otherwise.  I end up listening to a lot of garbage but a couple cool new bands once in a while.  The best station is an old school hip hop station, tons of great stuff from the 80s and my clients love it too.  Also, everyone I know is in a band, so I listen to a lot of local music.  My cousins band, The Great Sabatini just put out a new EP for free download.  It is really heavy stuff.  I’m not crazy about the screaming vocals, but I respect their musicianship and dedication.  Led Zeppelin are always a go to band for me though, good workout music too.
What are your favorite haunts in this neighborhood ?
I spend way too much time at Patati Patata because they have a couple of great vegan options for me and it is so cheap there. The tofu scramble is great and the people are super nice too.  I also like Else’s, I go there with my lady a lot, we play scrabble and sometimes have an afternoon pint.  The staff are nice there too and the music is low enough that you can have a conversation.  They also have a great vegan chili! I don’t eat out a lot anymore but I eat a lot, all of my haunts tend to be places where I can snack on something.  The Plateau is pretty good for that, a lot of places that have options depending on your preferences or allergies.  Lola Rosa is another good one. My summers are spent at Jean Mance Park, I don’t know if that counts as a haunt, but I feel so caged in during the winter that the only place I really want to go is to the park, or the pool.

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