We are very happy to be a drop off point for the up coming massive swap  by Montreal’s SWAP team and happy to help support a great team!!

1. BUY your ticket before they sell out!
2. BAG your clothing, shoes and/or accessories for men, women or children
Download, print and fill out this handy label and attach it to every bag of clean and folded clothing you’d like to swap. (Want to know what not to swap? Click here for some tips, or see our laundering policy below.)
3. DROP OFF your clothes BY JULY 22                                                                         4. Go to the event, pick up your exchange coupons at the entrance, and start swapping!

If you have already bought your ticket and have a minimum of 2 bags of items ready to swap, a limited number of home pick-ups are available within select Montreal boroughs. To request a pick-up, please send an email to:

Volunteers get in free!
Want to join our fun & fabulous volunteer team? You’ll get free admission throughout the event. Join our group here:

There are some items they do not accept and strict laundering instructions too. Check them out by clicking here.

Can’t go to the event but want to give them some clothes for the event?
 Download this label, print/fill it out, attach it to each bag of clothing and drop off your clothing.

This event is in partnership with Zoofest, GoBac and Renaissance for making this event possible!

Volunteer at the event:
Frequently asked questions:
Press inquiries & all other questions:

HAPPY SWAPPING! We are ready to take your items now!


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