Nadya’s Look: Clutch Bag & Dress

Hi everybody,
Hope, you, guys, had a great week and are having an even better weekend!

My name is Nadya. I came to Canada from Russia about eight years ago. I work as a software developer, but in my spare time I try to forget about programming by blogging about fashion.

One of my passions is local Canadian designers. To me, it is important to support local arts and crafts communities; it is beneficial for everybody. Plus, the guys make great stuff!  They have it all: High quality, interesting cuts, and nice fabrics.
Every week-end I will be showing you self-styled outfits and photos I take of myself  in front of Quartier Mode with their items.

Today, let me present a clutch bag from Noir de Mars, a dress from Birds of North America, and ear clips from a vintage collection by Melanie.

While going through the store shelves, I spotted this jute clutch with a red polka dot pattern. Jute fabric has its distinguished character; however, it is rarely used in the fashion world. It turned a simple hand bag  into a stand-out piece, so I decided to make an outfit that would underline its beauty. It needed something elegant and unshowy. I chose a navy dress from Birds of North America with a black collar and buttons.


High stockings and wedgies added to the outfit some flirty touch, while the massive ear clips supported the overall dressy mood.


I tied the hair up in a sloppy knot to show off the ear clips and to make the look more relaxed.


Red lipstick matches the red polka dot pattern.


Have a good weekend and see you in one week!

About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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2 Responses to Nadya’s Look: Clutch Bag & Dress

  1. Tina Modugno says:

    Wow!! You look so pretty Nadya! 🙂 I know a real live model!

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