Nadya’s Look: Dress And Belt

Hi guys,

It is getting colder outside, and the trees are slowly turning yellow. I like early fall with its pleasant coolness and not-so-bright colors. This week-end, the subtleness of the fall hues inspired me to wear this outfit.

The blue classical, vintage inspired dress is made by Birds of North America. The ornamental ethnic belt is made by Debora.

This look is very simple; however, it attracts attention because of the combination of patterns. Mixing different ornaments is very trendy now. While mixing, we should keep in mind that the patterns have to have something in common. In this outfit, they are joined together by yellow and red colors boldly presenting in the belt’s motif and slightly dotting the dress’ fabric.

The yellow boots are made of genuine leather. They are second hand Jeffrey Campbells, one of my thrift treasures.

The belt from Debora has exotic motif with bold contrasting colors. It is made of thick elastic fabric and has two snap fasteners. It is capable to make any waist super-slim!

The dress is made of 100% cotton; it also has a lining that makes the fit perfect. And, of course, my most favorite feature: Two deep pockets!

Have a good week-end and see you next week!


About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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One Response to Nadya’s Look: Dress And Belt

  1. Quartier Mode Boutique says:

    Beautiful Nadya!! I love this one!

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