Quartier Mode Fall 2012 video

Recently we filmed out Fall Fashion Film for Quartier Mode to promote our boutique. After hair and makeup at Alexandra Apple’s private hair studio Unlistd on the plateau we hoped in a taxi black balloon in the trunk for Old Montreal. We started at the fountain. We totally forgot about the crowds that would be there midday… but Carol Ribeiro and Jera Cravo, boyfriend/girlfriend film/photo team did an excellent job of avoiding the crowds and Anabel La pointe our model from Dulcedo Models did an amazing job of ignoring the quickly groups of onlookers, grouping together as if we were street performers, we even had some paparazzi types snapping shots from a distance…. It started to rain about an hour in, as we were hiding under a tree Carol and Anabel agreed to work with it and went running out in the rain to film. It is like all elements of the day fell together for the better of our film and we went with it…. We totally chanced upon the secret garden which helped complete the story of our video….

For Fall 2012 at Quartier Mode Boutique the theme is Nostalgia…. I wanted to re-connect with my younger self, the girl with the unbreakable hope who left the green rolling hills of Newfoundland to make her dreams come true as sort of a full circle celebration. Anabel was the perfect actress. Carol took the story and went with it and I think it came out better than in my head!  Her song choice was perfect as well…. A text saying the video was complete came in from her late night last week, as the video for the song she chose ended on my cell phone, eerily enough. I love when you form a team on a creative project and you set the pieces up and let all the details fall where they may. Everyone who helped with this project  really let their natural instincts go and I love how it came out! I hope you do too!


About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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