Nadya’s Look: Jewelry

Hi guys,

Halloween is coming the next week, but no, I will not write about Halloween 🙂

I want to show you some jewelry: Three bracelets, which can either fit a classic outfit or a hipster one. The trusted companions of the bracelets are a coat by Birds of North America, pants by Little Houses, and a cool top by Remy&Marcy.

The Coot jacket by Birds of North America has a classic A-line cut, covered buttons, and front patch pockets. The coat has a surprising detail: crimson colored lining!

The pants by the Little Houses are the ones I wore with the Preloved jacket.

The Remy&Mercy top has a frontal inset made of leather, and it combines casual street-wear style with eastern elegance. Karen Vaquilar of Remy&Mercy is a highly talented girl. She makes jewelry and clothes, and she trains other designers, too! Rififi is one of her former trainees.

On my left hand, I wear an unusual piece of jewelry by Remy&Mercy. It is a bracelet connected to a ring, and it is called “slave bracelet.” It also has a second name «Hathphool», which means “flower of hands” translated literally from the Indian language. These bracelets have been used by Indian brides.

The bracelet itself is made out of leather; the ring is decorated with pieces of quartz and amethyst and a metal cross. It looks like a dainty piece for treasure hunters!

Skull details and motifs are super popular now. On my right hand, I have two skull bracelets by Rififi. One of them combines a metal scull and a piece of faceted crystal. It is a must-piece for pirates! The skull would protect them from Death, and the crystal would attract Luck and treasures.

The second bracelet holds a scull, a peace sign, and a feather. The pirate has retired and settled down!

Have a great Sunday and see you in one week!

About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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