Nadya’s Look: Party Coat

Hi guys,

The holidays are not here yet, but I already think about them! What is the main challenge while partying during the cold season? For me, it is to look pretty both when I am inside and outside.

This coat from Allison Wonderland is ideal for going out to partying! Its loose cut makes sure that your pretty dress does not get wrinkled. At the same time, its thick wool fabric protects you from chilly wind and snow. The cozy hood has fur inside, and it is a convenient replacement for a hat. The coat has a dressy look thanks to its golden buttons and zipper.

The companion of the coat is a long black dress by Vicky Dubois. I like the minimalistic slim silhouette that these two items give.

Inspired by the design of the details of the coat, I chose this big ring from a collection by Mizdragonfly. Gold on white is an unusual as well as noble combination!


The back hem of the coat is longer comparing to the front. It adds an interesting touch to the overall silhouette.

Warm, stylish, and dressy – this garment has everything that you need from a coat!

Have a great Sunday and see you next week!

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