Nadya’s Look: Movember Style

Hi everybody,

Here comes November, a month of mustaches. Here, at Quartier Mode, we follow the trend, too! Look at these cuties: Little pendant necklaces from Lilli Graffiti. They carry a black mustache logo on a background with a cool geometric pattern. The chains have different length, and it is so easy to combine them together. A perfect accessory for a true Mo sister!

The necklaces are sharing a spotlight with a black Feildfare dress by Birds of North America and a camel Patchette coat by Dace. Supported by red lipstick, a raspberry bag by Deborah Adams adds a splash to the monochrome outfit.

I also wore a ring with a falling copper star on a mother pearl background made by the same designer, Lilly Graffiti.
The Deborah bag is made of genuine leather, and it has a long splendid fringe.

The style of Lilli Graffiti is light and slightly vintage. The addition of a small polka dot bow charmed me.

The toque is hand knitted with 100% home spun wool. It is made by Ewe Design from Newfoundland, the mother land of Tiffany, the owner of Quartier Mode. No wonder the hat is so warm: It is designed to protect from chilly marine breezes!

Have a great Sunday and see you in one week!

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