Nadya’s Look: Coat And Hat

Hi guys,

That is great that in the mid of November the nature still pleases us with nice weather. However, the nights have become chilly, and warm coats have displaced the light gear from our wardrobes.

Today I am wearing one of my favorite cold weather pieces, a Coot coat from Birds of North America. It has a classical cut, but I decided to dress it down by combining it with a rustic knitted hat, torn jeans, and studded boots.

The outfit is spiced up with a Bead and Copper and Fan Fringe necklaces by Huard et Associes. I so felt in love the bold cherry-looking beads and a complex web of copper chips!

Tiffany said the outfit reminded her of sailors from the last century. I think it is thanks to the hat! It is the same one that I wore last week for the Movember outfit. It has a flexible design and can be worn in many different styles.
The hat and the coat make a pretty pair of late fall gear. They withstand cold wind and keep your head and body cozy and warm.

Thierry Huard from Huard et Accosies knows how to pull the pieces together! Check out his new sophisticated collection here.

Have a great Sunday and see you in one week!

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