Nadya’s Look: Colors

Hi everybody,

The fall has gotten into its late state, and the outside colors have lost their brightness. Everything got desaturated while waiting for winter to come.

During these de-colored days I want to wear as many bright items as possible! My choice of today is a bottle green coat from Birds of North America, a bright red hand-knitted tuque by Eve Design, and my favorite denim second hand pieces. Apart from adding hues to the outside gray, these pieces also keep me very warm.

The jeans are one of my DIY projects. I bought them at a Renaissance store and then tie-dye bleached them. The jeans have turned to be one of my most favorite items. To see the bleaching instructions as well as the other outfits with the jeans, read this post in my blog.

You have probably noticed that it is already the third outfit which comes with the tuque from Eve Design. It is a great piece to keep one’s head both stylish and warm! Check out the other two looks with the hat: Movember Style and Sailor Outfit.

The necklaces are from the new collection Copper Cult by Huard et Associes; check it out here! The slave bracelet is by Remy&Mercy.

Have a great Sunday and see you in one week!


About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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