Nadya’s Look: Let’s party!

Hi guys,

It is already December, and it means that the season of parties has arrived!
It is a time that brings a question that is difficult for every girl – what to wear? My answer is: Go shopping and follow your heart!
Here, at Quartier Mode, there is a wide choice of party dresses!
I have chosen one of the most unusual ones, a mini dress by Naike. It has cute little polka dots and dolman sleeves. The modest design of the dress is best complemented by bold accessories! I combined it with a bag by Deborah Adams with a white cover and a zebra pattern “body”, a necklace by Rififi, and a ring by Mizdragonfly.


This chain necklace can turn any simple dress into an outstanding piece!



Here is how it looks from the back.


Inspired by the design of the Deborah bag, I chose this ring from a vintage collection by Mizdragonfly. I like big bold pieces of jewelry, and this is precisely the reason why I am in love with this ring!


This is the last post for this year. I am taking a Christmas break!

I wish you guys many parties, happy Christmas and a fun New Year!
See you in January, 2013! Take care 🙂

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