At Dot & Lil’s studio.

So last night, Carol and I went to Dot & Lil’s open house at her studio to check out her Christmas gift ideas…. (Carol Riberio, who did our fall video took these lovely photos.)There we are at the end with the cute little vintage hats on … and another with me and Anne owner of Dot & Lil sporting the hats, and Anne in her space where she makes her beauty products…
I love seeing inside creators spaces, the little details that make them so sweet and this one was especially sweet with all the festive details and Anne’s mother was on hand with homemade ginger beer!  It was like a cozy living room that smelled amazing, like our shop smells right now filled up with yummy soaps and bath treats!

Go say Hi to Anne at Puces Pop this weekend! A lot of our designers will be taking part so be sure to pop on over and say hello to them all! Happy weekend!

– Tiffany

DSCF1461 DSCF1463

DSCF1465 DSCF1468

DSCF1470 DSCF1472

DSCF1477 DSCF1478

DSCF1479 DSCF1482

DSCF1484 DSCF1485

DSCF1487 DSCF1494

DSCF1495 DSCF1496

DSCF1498 DSCF1501

DSCF1504 DSCF1507

DSCF1508 DSCF1510

DSCF1513 DSCF1515

DSCF1517 DSCF1518

DSCF1522 DSCF1525

DSCF1526 DSCF1527



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I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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