About Jane Heller Photography… Contest at the end of this post.

I recently got to work with Jane of JANE HELLER PHOTOGRAPHY. She came in to shoot the shop for a magazine… Here are the lovely photos she took of the boutique!

jane_heller-7292 jane_heller-7290 jane_heller-7295 jane_heller-7284 jane_heller-7251 jane_heller-7299 jane_heller-7274 jane_heller-7261 jane_heller-7253

Jane Heller is a local Montreal phtographer, she has some great photography and has applied her images to some great items; cell phone covers, pillows… I love the Farine Five Roses image.

il_170x135_378824650_t9jw il_170x135_413711387_2g5m

 Her Etsy shop is full of exciting ideas and ways to showcase her photos and some beautiful images and pieces to make your home feel that much more homey and special. I want this one of the seagulls! My home town St. John’s, Newfoundland is full of Gulls which makes me feel all nostalgic and warms my heart. Dear Boyfriend if you read this, there is an idea for Valentine’s Day. ha.


She is  inspired by the nuances of everyday life, the small details that go unnoticed, light and shadow, humor and sadness and pretty much everything in between!

Which really shows in this seagulls photo for sale on her etsy shop.

She studied Graphic Design and worked as an Art director for many years before realizing her true passion was photography. She took a leap of faith and went back to school for a few years to realize her dream. She now shoots editorial work for a number of different magazines.

Follow Jane on her Facebook to keep up to date on her news and new photos! You can go to her webpage is here to see more of her work!

Here it is …. THE  CONTEST with Jane Heller Photography.

We have  two 2013 Montreal Landmark calendars by Jane Heller! All you have to do is go to our facebook page here and share the contest on our wall on your wall then go to Jane Heller’s Page on the link there and “Like” her page …. We will do a draw at the end of the week with the names of everyone who did those two tasks and pull two winners and announce them next Saturday (the 16th of February)!!! See the calendar here.

Good Luck and Enjoy!!




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