Bonne St-Valentin!

The day of love, or making love or chocolate!  I think of hot baths with bubbles and luxurious smelly candles and a flowy sheer house coat and a silky nightie and chocolate and a sparkling wine buzz. I may have fallen for it but I just can’t help feel like some retail therapy today too or buying something sweet for my sweet and I will be getting some Dot & Lil soaps today for myself. It is good to pamper yourself ! With or without any purchases or a significant others, it is the perfect day to love yourself sooo

Here are some inspiring DIY Valentine’s Day ideas….

First you need a caddy to house your wine, candles and book! Here is a nice idea made from a few planks of wood! Rustic and chic. Easy.

Source: via Nikk on Pinterest

AND then you need some beauty products…. you can make your own or come get our Dot & Lil products already made for you by Anne. This here, some customized bath salts. You can follow the links to get the recipe or just follow mine; Get epsom salts from your local pharmacy (you might have some) and some lavender buds from Jean Talon Market and some essential oil from Rachel Berry in any aroma, I like Lavender because it has relaxing properties aromatherapy wise and you put a few drops in your salt with your buds and mix. (You can omit the buds but I always have dried lavender around the house from previous trips to the market. Maybe you do too.) In this photo there is coloring, but no color is perfectly nice too, you can see the buds nicely. You can store it in a clear vintage liquor decanter or a masson jar and voila, pretty and ready for your next relaxing bath.

Source: via Tina on Pinterest

Have a good day!!! Enjoy yourself and relax! xoxo

Source: via Leah on Pinterest


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I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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