Nadya’s Look: À la Stella McCartney

Recently going through the Pre-Fall 2013 collections, I suddenly spotted pants that looked very familiar to me. They were a part of the outfit by Stella McCartney (thanks to for the picture). The jeans looked exactly like the ones I have seen at Quartier Mode with the only difference being the color!

stella McCartney fashion collection prefall 2013

They are the Elm pants by Little Houses. I have already worn them here with a Preloved jacket and scarf.

The Stella McCartney ensemble was my inspiration of the look of today. I combined the Elm pants with vintage pieces – yes, Quartier Mode has a vintage corner! – and decorated the turtle neck with a few brooches.

Vintage Clothes and a-la Stella McCartney jeans

The brooches also belong to the vintage world; they are from Vintage Collection by Melanie.

Vintage Collection by Melanie Pin Brooches

The collection has many other goodies 🙂

Vintage Collection by Melanie Pin Brooches

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