New “Je Suis Une Femme” belts!

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Nicola Inman is the lady behind “Je Suis Une Femme” Belts that we sell at Quartier Mode. I wanted you to get to know a bit about her so I asked her a few questions.

She started making belts in her home town of Edmonton, after seeing a belt she really wanted but couldn’t afford. She has been sewing since she was 14 so she went home and tried making her own. It turned out really great, so she made a couple more! Then she heard of a craft fair in Edmonton, so she e-mailed the organizer and asked if there were any cancellations since the application deadline was already over. He just happened to have a spot so she put together about 20 belts in two weeks without really knowing what she was doing. She was a little worried but after playing around with vintage buttons, different colors of vinyl and lots of lace she had something that felt really unique. And it was a total success!  She sold most of them and definitely found a niche in Edmonton, since there are few other DIY belt makers!

1) What are your 3 favorite pieces in your closet?

Three favorite pieces in my closet are a button-up dress that I wear with a bow tie, a dress with a really great collar and a somewhat androgynous shirt that I sewed with no sleeves, a collar and a really relaxed fit. At the moment I’m swooned by Annie 50.  She pays attention to detail, and the clothes have a nice fit.  ( We agree).

2) What is your current obsession?

My current obsession is wood working. I got into it after i found a bunch of cool wood pieces at a craft store in a small town. I hope to make a jewellery line soon! I even inherited a drill from my pop!

3) Where is your local hang out, where can we find you ?

In Edmonton I like to go to see local music so my hang-outs end up wherever the music is. Which is a lot of bars on Whyte Avenue, one of Edmonton’s ‘most happening’ spots! 

You can follow Nicole from Je Suis une Femme on Facebook here.


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