new in store today…

meemoza _DSC1974 _DSC2048 DAPHNEE_FL-1000x1000 slide2 _DSC4815

Meemoza’s designer Emilie just came down on her bicycle to bring us some beautiful new Summery pieces for this amazing weather! One of the reasons I called this store Quartier Mode ” Neighbourhood Fashion” is a lot of the deisgners we sell here pass by you every day in the neighbourhood on their bicycles dropping off deliveries to stores, or at the market or are sitting next to you on that sunny terrace ( if they aren’t in their studio)….They are your friendly neighbourhood people…

Today we got more than this shown here is in these photos from Meemoza

We got the denim and floral button up skirts, white and striped frilly cap sleeve tops, Striped and Floral Dresses, White and Black flared backless  dresses, more cozy organic cotton dresses in teal, red and black, all kinds of great items for bike rides, park picnics, terrace lounging and all the fun in the sin you can handle!!

* Her floral print is extra special, it is a customized print printed in Montreal using low impact dyes and is made here entirely! Her cotton waffle cone fabric is knitted here in Montreal as well.. that is what we like!!


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I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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