New to Quartier ! PMO design’s home décor…

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Home décor is our newest addition to We figure if you love local fashion, and unique items made in Canada on your body you probably want to decorate your space with it too!!

Welcome our first home décor only design! PMO design from Montreal! With a collection of sleek, beautiful functional items made in ceramic: votives, cups, water decanters and even something for your pets too…. See their collection here on our web boutique. 


PMO Design has been producing quality handmade designs using ceramic and other material for everyday use since its establishment in 1999. Located in the beautiful city of Montreal, it started out as a small artist’s studio and then slowly emerged as a design and light-manufacturing small business. They make products meant to last a very long time. If you take good care of their products, you can past them onto your next generation and the generation after. Owner Kwok Wai Lau fell in love with clay while in college and was trained in Montreal, Canada and Japan and completed a Master Degree at the Glasgow School of Art. PMO design works are strongly influenced by Asian and European designs.


About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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