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Looking for a dessert place to go to after a full-on meal? Drop by one of my favorite dessert places, Montreal company yeh! I, myself, am not a chocolate kind of gal, so when it comes to picking somewhere to fulfill my sweet tooth desires,  and when it is hot outside I head over to yeh! A self-service frozen yoghurt place that has the unusual flavors that no other frozen yoghurt shack has. Some of which are my favorite such as strawberry cheesecake and pina colada. You can even mix all of the flavors together! Every month, yeh! comes up with a new flavor to provide regular customers with a different choice. After filling your cup with frozen yoghurt, you head to the toppings section, which has numerous selections of toppings, 40 toppings to be exact. From candy to fruits to chocolate.

And that’s not all, if you are craving something else besides frozen yoghurt, they even make crepes, waffles and smoothies. Yeh! currently has 6 different locations in Quebec, ours is at 3804 Saint Laurent.



About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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