Welcome Earth & River to Quartier Mode

natural beauty products
More beauty products! My belief: Shop local to support your neigbourhood and reduce your carbon imprint. So naturally we needed MORE beauty products made in Montreal!

Welcome to Quartier Mode Earth & River!

Earth and River stems from the founder’s lifelong passions for travel, anthropology, natural home remedies, and handcrafted products. They create bath and body products that combine as many of these subjects as possible, while leading an environ-concious, pure and simple lifestyle.

From all natural soaps to all-natural lip balms, it is their way of working with the earth’s potent natural resources, and incorporate the benefits this green and blue globe has to offer us. They feel strongly about preserving a healthy planet, and so each product’s packaging is kept to a minimum when and where possible and must be biodegradable, renewable, re-useable, recycled or recyclable. In addition, every ingredient is also carefully selected to meet our core beliefs. When and where possible, ingredients are all natural, organic, sourced in Canada, extracted humanely through fair-trade, animal-cruelty free, palm oil free, SLS & ALS free, vegan* and paraben free.Earth and River’s aroma recipes are authentic and are individually designed to invoke the scents from destinations around the world.

Shop her Collection here.


About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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