Welcome Mekar Skincare to Quartier Mode!

natural skincare

Montreal’s Catherine Clusiau’s diverse experiences in her quest to find really effective skincare products for her sensitive and difficult skin inspired her to pursue the idea of Mekar Skincare.

“When I discovered that my skin could be reacting to ingredients in my cosmetics, I started to evaluate their composition… It is following this new insight that I made the transition to healthier, more natural cosmetics. I immediately felt an improvement in most of my skin issues but I could not quite find THE RANGE of products that offered everything I needed and whose business ethics matched my values. So I decided to create it!

After working for several months with a chemist in organic cosmetics and performing numerous successful quality tests, I launched Mekar. This range of products distinguishes itself mostly through its natural ingredients and organic floral water and essential oils. The products are gentle and ideal for sensitive skin. I personally make sure that our products keep their promises because it is important to me that we provide you with high performance products comparable to conventional high-end cosmetics. In fact, I wanted to undo the myth that natural cosmetics are less efficient than those stemming from petroleum and synthetic ingredients!”



Definition of “bio”: The element of “life”

Definition of “active”: Who acts with force

This is the essence of Mekar products; efficient, active ingredients that live in perfect harmony with our bodies!

Shop Mekar Skincare here!

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