Welcome Elucx Beauty products!

Elucx was created by Duyen out of necessity for to treat her daughter’s eczema when she was a baby. After using cortisone cream on her for a while, she started searching for other ways to relieve her discomfort without relying on chemical products. After months of research she started making Miracle Balm and Chamomile Lavender Body Butter, they worked wonders on her! Today, this Eczema Set is their best seller. It has helped a lot of people with eczema and even psoriasis. That is how Elucx was born.

Elucx is an {ECO & LUXURY} brand; a brand using the highest quality, sustainable, organic ingredients. All products are handcrafted in small batches with organic oils, butters, essential oils and botanical extracts. She believes in creating quality skin & body care products using only organic ingredients without harming the environment. Less is always better than more, quality over quantity.

All her products are made with sustainable organic ingredients certified by Ecocert Canad with recyclable /reusable packaging, 100% Free of Chemicals (no artificial colors, no artificial fragrance, no parabens, no SLS and no unnatural preservatives). Never Tested on Animal, only on willing friends, and handcrafted with therapeutic purposes in mind.



About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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