Bliss Craft & Brazen Design

arm-wrap bowls bath-caddy il_570xN.414157465_livz log-candle-holder

As Fall draws nearer I feel like nesting more and more. As an island/country girl and a city girl I love anything woodsy and sleek for my home. That is why I love Bliss Craft & Brazen Design. For a girl who grew up jumping bog holes in the middle of the marsh and forest who now lives in this crazy inspiring city with a beautiful veil of old architecture and all the latest modern decor, I love their stuff and can relate to the story of Rachel and Aaron… 

Small town boy meets city girl. Love ensues. Boy becomes a furniture maker. Girl becomes a bling slinger. They buy a big ol’ fixer-upper-rambling-shambling house in the country. They set up shop. And then one day… they make something together out of wood and silver and it’s awesome.

Shop for their items here or click on the individual photos to go shop the products.  


About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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