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Simplement D Liche cupcakes and cake shop on st-Denis near the corner of Duluth in Montreal is my obsession of the week! I went did an entrepreneurial program with the owner Robert a few years ago and fell in love with him and his business. I went to visit the lovely people at D Liche yesterday, and got to meet the bakers and see their behind the scenes operation which is a real treat for an avid baker like me. They really are made by an awesome team with love… Their cupcakes are absolutely beautiful and perfect! They have over 40 kinds available for order and more ideas all the time, plus now cronuts! (the cronut is the love child of a cream filled donut and a croissant)  They also do beautiful cake pops and a lot of other dessert ideas for your special events or just pop by and treat yourself to a cupcake and a beautiful frothy cafe au lait…. I like the dulche de leche with a sweet rich caramel that pops out of the center into your mouth and a not too sweet creamy icing with a tint of caramel in it…. I love them all, but I love this one the most!


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I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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One Response to D Liche!

  1. lovelydeer says:

    These look amazing! I am in need of cake now haha

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