atelier b.’s Fall collection

facsimile9-136 facsimile7-134 facsimile6-133 facsimile5-132 facsimile4-21 facsimile3-131 facsimile2-130

Known for smart basics with a twist, these ladies of atelier b. are at it again with a sweet and smart Fall Collection called Facsimile for 2014. I particularly love the shirt dress with the fitted waist and the flared skirt, very prep school girl chic with a vintage and very flattering fit! I can’t wait to go see the other colors too!

It has classic and soft parts. Each piece is an improvement, or a reinterpretation of a classic atelier b. item.  The simple, rich colors like olive green, camel and red combined with neutral tones made with warm and mature natural materials such as cotton, wool and lyocell. Comfortable and accessible, atelier b. create each collection with a thoughtful simplicity, where you feel that every detail has been carefully thought out.

Photos by Raphael Ouellet.
Hair and Makeup by Marie-Eve Landry.
Mannequins Felix Roy and Ellora Rangaya.

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I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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