Naeve: “brightness, lustre, shine.”

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Being a Newfoundlander I HAVE to keep up to date on all the happenings in North America’s oldest City on the furthest most easternly point of Canada…

So I found out about Naeve Jewelry; Unique, Edgy, Simple Jewelry, handmade in Newfoundland! Naeve [nee+iv] is gaelic meaning: “brightness, lustre, shine.” There is still a lot of gaelic speaking people and culture in Newfoundland since it was settled by a rush of european settlers when the new world was first discovered with Irish, Scottish, French, Portuguese and English. This mix of cultures, history, folklore and its rugged landscape and beauty all make it a hot spot for creative souls because it is all super inspiring.

Well this local lady Anna of Naeve is slinging out pretty jewels and modern harnesses and raw metal pieces that remind me of the vikings who were the second settlers behind John Cabot and after the Beothuk Indians in NL…. I love her stuff… She is sold in stores across Newfoundland and now in Montreal at Francois Beauregard on the main.

Enjoy! Visit her here. 


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I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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