Shooting Spring 2014 from Birds of North America

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Two days, two shoots, two collections…. I can show you Spring 2014 now, but you will have to wait a while to see Fall 2014 from Birds of North America… I am a huge fan! Hayley of Birds of North America is one of my favorite people and favorite designers in Canada sooo of course I nearly died from excitement when she asked me to do hair and make up for the shoots! Seeing Hayley and her BF work in unison: he on photos, her on clothes, both with a common vision from the sweet objects made for the shoot and the styling made the day so much fun and such a joy to be apart of… watching their minds at work. Have a look! ( Side note: It was totally a coincidence the model from Dulcedo seen here in the Spring previews and my recent new kitten were both named Milly… must have been fate.)

See Birds of North America for the full collection!


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