Supporting local just got a whole lot trickier in Montreal

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A local boutique in Montreal has been accused of sending samples of locally made Montreal designer items to China to be copied and selling them as their own private label of clothing sold at a fraction of the price under the guise of being “conceived in Montreal”. Yes, they were but not by the people selling them. This line has recently been pulled off the website while under investigation.  As a local designer myself and a pattern maker I know the difference between “inspired by”, which happens all the time or influenced by current trends and a blatant direct, laid it on a table and traced it out knock off which is a no no in the fashion community.

A lot of companies go copy items from other countries which I do not support but to steal from your own peers in your own community hurts everyone. Local designers are now speaking out to protect their creations and reputations for quality goods made in Montreal… Birds of North America and atelier b. are taking to social media making it known via their facebook pages as legal action is not a viable option as small businesses.

Buyers now are advised to do their research before buying so they are not duped into getting a knock off not actually by the designer they support or made in Montreal. These lines are getting a lot of support from local fans. The line in question Tatiana & Natouchi is a registered company under the Boutique Onze in Montreal. Supporting local just got a whole lot trickier in Montreal but with a strong community backing each other these designers will rock on!


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