Birds of North America Fall 2017


If you have been following since the beginning you know I am in love with Birds of North America and the designer Hayley Gibson, major girl crush! I love the quality of her work, the flattering vintage inspired fits and everything about the vibe she puts out. She is a hands on hard working designer working out of her studio in Toronto. I am always excited to see her new collection shoots as well… her and her wonderful bf make all the set designs and it is always Le Petit Prince like genius. This one is super cute! Camp fires and starry nights, what I am all about this time of year!   For her  Fall 2016- 2017 collection her exert explains:


By firelight you sew her out of pieces of your skin, stitch her together. Feed her as she grows nails, a spine, consciousness. Soft organs pull inward to hide her sex.

She is a creature of purity. Uncontaminated, inexperienced, unenlightened. A vessel for love.

You rub her by the heat of fire-warmed stones; watch her as she takes a breath.

Cut from the same cloth, I am made of you, but I am not you. In the end there is always, only you.


About Tiffany Elton

I love local. I am all about home, happiness & cake.
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