Jennifer Glasgow spring/summer sales

Fall/Winter is coming which means all the designers Spring/Summer collections are on sale! Check out Montreal designer Jennifer Glasgow’s Spring/Summer sales… there are pieces you can transition easily into Fall with cozy cardigans or sweet blazers.

You can also go to our Shop Local section to shop other designers, it is time for past seasons sales in preparation for the new season!

It is a great time to shop local designers on a budget.

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Twigg & Feather in Newfoundland





I just added this designer to our directory for Shop Local… a great find! I love chunky, cozy, drapy cardigans, I love the construction and patterns of knit wear! I have been building my cardigan and sweater stock pile since moving home to Newfoundland …Now knowing we have a knitwear designer like this among us I can leave the fast fashion behind and invest in something local, quality and unique!

Meet Twigg & Feather by Jenn Leblanc of Halifax, Nova Scotia who trained in knitwear at FIDM in LA. She is now located in St. John’s, NL! Check her out!

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Dot and Lil new Fall beauty products…

fresh_fir_candle_soy dot and lillavender_bergamot_milk_bath_dot and lil 2lavender_bergamot_milk_bath_dot and lileucalyptus_lime_soap_dot and lil

One of the most enigmatic and sweetest business owners is Anne Dardick of   Dot and Lil in Montreal. She is full of life and energy and loves what she does. She is full of vision and even her labels are an art form to her. I love her products, her love and knowledge oozes over into her products, and they are just as cute as she is.

 New for Fall are some great products and scents I cannot wait to try and I am all out of her milk bath and yummy bath salts that I would rather not live without. Fresh fir sounds like a day in the forest here in Newfoundland, which is always rejuvenating.. I had her honeysuckle perfume oil which I loved but lavender and bergamote sounds like a nice try for Fall! Ok, treat myself!

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Birds of North America Fall 2017


If you have been following since the beginning you know I am in love with Birds of North America and the designer Hayley Gibson, major girl crush! I love the quality of her work, the flattering vintage inspired fits and everything about the vibe she puts out. She is a hands on hard working designer working out of her studio in Toronto. I am always excited to see her new collection shoots as well… her and her wonderful bf make all the set designs and it is always Le Petit Prince like genius. This one is super cute! Camp fires and starry nights, what I am all about this time of year!   For her  Fall 2016- 2017 collection her exert explains:


By firelight you sew her out of pieces of your skin, stitch her together. Feed her as she grows nails, a spine, consciousness. Soft organs pull inward to hide her sex.

She is a creature of purity. Uncontaminated, inexperienced, unenlightened. A vessel for love.

You rub her by the heat of fire-warmed stones; watch her as she takes a breath.

Cut from the same cloth, I am made of you, but I am not you. In the end there is always, only you.

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Eve Gravel- Fall 2017 pre-orders

fall 2017 evegravel

eve gravel fall 2017 crop top and maxi

I have always loved the idea of pre-ordering, you get first pick of the new fashion season’s collection and you make sure you get yours. (plus it makes sense on a local production level and is a valuable solution away from mass production and fast fashion)

You can now pre-order items from Montreal designer Eve Gravel’s Fall 2017 collection!

Have a look! I liiiike it!

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