Currently I am on hiatus travelling Europe for two months with my mother and my 28 year old brother who has advanced Duchene Muscular Dystrophy and is in a wheelchair. Content on my blog will reflect this.


The mission at Quartier Mode is to help you discover the best independent designers and businesses from clothing to accessories to home décor and food.

Quartier Mode means «neighborhood fashion» in French. The goal is to support and promote local designers and local production wherever we may be. 

With Quartier Mode you can follow local through:


My name is Tiffany Elton, I started focusing on Quartier Mode blog after closing my store front in Montreal. As a store owner I saw big changes in the industry and as a fashion designer I saw the ways I could better support local designers…. sharing their stories.

I grew up in St. John’s, Newfoundland. I started out as a hairstylist, then went on to study fashion design and fashion marketing and have worked for some of Canada’s largest clothing retailers. I came into my own producing locally for my own collections. After a long career in Montreal and a gig on the board of directors for Made in Montreal, I am living back in Newfoundland with the same passion to boost local at home. I believe in local. Not just fashion,  local decor, local art, local beauty products, local food, local entrepreneurs: Supporting local businesses for sustainability, environmentally for reducing our carbon imprint, culturally for a strong artistic and creative community and because I am proud of all these people and I believe in big dreams.

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